Response & Restoration Service Offerings

Water Damage

Water damage is a common occurrence for home and business owners alike. The damage to your property may be the result of weather, leaking or broken pipes, ruptured water lines (such as dishwashers, sinks, ice makers, toilets, washing machines), even major fire extinguishing activities. Letting the water sit too long results in more damage and a more difficult water extraction process. It is extremely important to address water issues immediately, often resulting in saving thousands of dollars in repair costs and minimizing the chances of mold growth in your home or office. Whatever the cause, Active is prepared to fix the water damage as quickly and efficiently as possible. Click here to learn more about our water damage restoration services, or call 609-702-1500 to speak to one of our professionals.

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is one of Active's core services. Mold and mildew occur naturally, and exist everywhere. When the conditions are right, mold growth can cause major damage. Mold can also create unhealthy conditions for you and others. If you suspect you have a mold issue, or if you see evidence of mold damage in your home or workplace, call Active at 609-702-1500. Click here to learn more about our mold remediation services.

Fire Damage

Each year, thousands of homes and businesses suffer fire, soot or smoke damage. Hopefully, it never happens to you. However, if it does, it is very important to contact a company experienced in fire damage restoration as soon as possible so you can avoid additional loss or damages to your property and belongings. Click here to learn more about our fire damage services. For immediate attention, call us at 609-702-1500.

Hazardous Spill Cleanup

One service that sets us apart from most other disaster response companies is our hazardous spill cleanup capability. Active has extensive experience with hazardous materials spills, large and small. Hazardous spills can happen anywhere to anyone. Pool chemicals, paint supplies, waste oil and industrial cleaning supplies and solvents are all examples of materials that may require hazardous spill cleanup. It is critical to contact a company experienced in containment and cleanup of hazardous spills as soon as the spill is discovered. To learn more about our hazardous spill cleanup capabilities, click here. If you need immediate assistance with a hazardous spill, call us at 609-702-1500.